18 Jan 2009

Pharos January 26, 2009: Geoffrey Schmalz

Excavating an Archaic Necropolis in Kefaloni√°
Dr. Geoffrey Schmalz
SFU Department of History

Dr. Schmalz will present results of the excavation of the principal necropolis of the ancient city-state of Pronnoi, one of the four city-states that flourished on Kefaloni√° during the Archaic and Classical periods. This SFU project, conducted in the fall of 2008, was designed in part as a ‘salvage excavation’ carried out by SFU on behalf of the Kefaloni√° Archaeological Service. At the same time, the project incorporated a formal program of initial excavation. Uncovered was a large, rich, and densely featured cemetery of largely the late Archaic period (ca. 550-500 B.C.), probably representing the burials of ancient Pronnoi’s elite inhabitants. Within the principal area of investigation, numerous graves were found in which pithoi were used as burial vessels; these were often filled with wealthy grave goods, including such gender-specific articles as loom-weights and agricultural tools, as well as lovely pottery imported from Corinth and Athens.