31 Dec 2007

Pharos Lecture: January 28, 2008

Is Arcadia Burning?
Myths and Realities

Professor John Gaitanakis

This talk will address both the importance of the myth of Arcadia for the development of western culture and the destruction of Arcadia by fire in the summer of 2007.

John Gaitanakis , UBC Professor Emeritus, taught architectural design at UBC for nearly thirty years, emphasizing the importance of environmental factors in designing housing complexes in urbanized areas with a special emphasis on reclaiming the city from the private automobile.

In the summer of 2007 he witnessed the unfolding of the tragic events in Greece and visited Arcadia shortly after the fires. In his talk he will remind us of the importance of Arcadia’s Myths for the West, and present the various scenario that were put forth to account for the destruction of a large part of continental Greece, including Arcadia.

Monday 28 January 2008
Upper Hall, Hellenic Community Centre
4500 Arbutus Street, Vancouver

Time: 8:00 pm