2 Apr 2008

Pharos April 28, 2008 - Bill Maranda

The Making of Raja Edepus in Bali
William Maranda

A film created to document the staging of a Balinese version of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex as it was performed at the Bali Arts Festival in July 2006. It discusses the beginnings when Nyoman Wenten, Chair of World Music at CalArts and William Maranda, Vancouver playwright, first agreed to meet in Bali in August 2005.

The film takes us from Mr. Wenten’s house in the village of Sading, where the chorus was adapted for Kecak (monkey chorus) , and Legong (dancing chorus) , to Singapadu where wooden masks were carved, and costumes made.
Twenty-eight hours of tape were shot from which Hans Goksoyr or Vancouver has edited a wealth of film imagery into a beautiful documentary.