23 Mar 2009

Pharos March 30, 2009: Chuck Sigmund

The Roots and Foundation of 21st Century Scientific Thought
Chuck Sigmund, Langara College

Scientists today look at the material universe in a certain way and proceed to exercise their craft within that context. Cultures both before and after that of the ancient Iron Age Greeks have made notable technological contributions to humankind but, in my opinion, it was that Greek civilization which gave birth to abstract science as we still practice it today. Professor Richard Tarnas states it accurately and succinctly:

"The Greek were perhaps the first to see the world as a question to be answered. They were peculiarly gripped by the passion to understand, to penetrate the uncertain flux of phenomena and grasp a deeper truth. And they established a dynamic tradition of critical thought to pursue that quest."

Chuck Sigmund at an early age could not decide whether to pursue scientific or classical studies and so did both as best he could. He worked for 35 years as a chemist while always pursuing his interest in ancient Greek philosophy and science