15 Sep 2009

Pharos Season 2009/2010

We are pleased to announce Pharos' 30th season. This year we will present several archaeologial talks, a glimpse into the fascinating life of Ali Pasha by Hector Williams and, to end, a concert by the George Yioldassis and Friends featuring the music of Manolis Xiotis.

October 26, 2009: Megan Daniels, "After Alexander: Greeks in Central Asia"
November 30, 2009: Hector Williams, "Ali Pasha, the Lion of Ioannina"
February 1, 2010: Steven Miller, "Nemea and the Macedonians"
February 22, 2010: Brendan Burke, "An Archaeological Survey of Eastern Boeotia"
March 29, 2010: Christie Lane, "Greek Colonies and Apollo Worship in South Italy and Sicily"
April 26, 2010: George Yioldassis,, Bouzouki, John Mavrogeorge, Guitar, & Friends: "Remembering the Music of Manolis Xiotis on the 40th Anniversary of his Death"