25 Feb 2012

March + April 2012

Monday 26 March, 2012
Gino Canlas,  UBC Department of Classics, Near East & Religious Studies
Witches, Horses, and Diarrhea: the Place of the Goddess Enodia in Thessalian Mythology

This talk will be an introduction to the cult of the obscure goddess Enodia who comes from the region of Thessaly. Thessaly was stereotyped in Classical antiquity as a semi-barbarian land of witches and horsemen, a perception which greatly influenced modern scholarship. The Thessalians also had a mysterious goddess named Enodia, originally not found anywhere else in Greece, but very important in Thessaly. The presentation will give some background on Thessaly, focusing especially on religion and mythology, and will explore the role of the goddess Enodia in the region

Monday 20 April 2012
Maria Callas: Her Life, Loves and Music
Sofia Antonakos, Soprano, &
Ric Spratley, President, Pharos, Text and Piano

Arguably the most renowned Greek of the 20th Century, Maria Callas had a dazzling career which set a standard for dramatic and bel-canto soprano roles that may never be surpassed.  Continuing the Pharos tradition of a Musical April, Greek-Canadian soprano Sofia Antonakos will sing some of the arias that made Callas famous, while Ric will explore Callas’ musical and personal life, the  tragic arc of which rivals the plots of many of the operas she sang.