20 Jan 2013

January + February 2013

Monday 28 January 2013 at 7:30 pm

Unraveling Sacred Mysteries: Cult Centers in Roman Macedonia
Katherine  Crawford,
UBC Department of Classical, Near East & Religious Studies

The Egyptian goddess Isis’ position amongst the mystery cults of the Greco-Roman world enveloped the cult in mystery and speculation. Despite the cult’s popularity, evidence for its practice within Roman Macedonia remains relatively scarce. This talk will explore the cult of Isis and its position amidst the cities of Philippi, Dion, and Amphipolis. These cities were considered important religious centers during the Roman period and excavations have revealed evidence of Egyptian temple structures. How the cult of Isis was incorporated into the religious environment of these cities will provide an indication as to its reception and importance in comparison to other religious structures.
Monday 25 February 2013 at 7:30pm
Archaeology of Houses and Households in Ancient Crete
Prof Kevin Glowacki,
Department of Architecture, Texas A & M University
Kevin Glowacki is an archaeologist specializing in the domestic architecture of the ancient Mediterranean. This lecture will discuss current archaeological approaches to the study of ancient dwellings, families and communities on the island of Crete. Through several case studies, Dr. Glowacki will explore how researchers work to find meaningful relationships between the "house" (the physical, architectural structures and associated features most commonly encountered in the archaeological record) and the "household" (the people and groups who lived, worked and interacted in these areas).