13 Mar 2014

March + April 2014

Monday 31 March 2014 at 7:30 pm
Samothrace and the Winged Victory:
the Vancouver Connection
Professor Hector Williams
UBC Classics, Near East and Religious Studies

This illustrated talk will examine the new stylized version of the Winged Victory of Samothrace recently set up on Thurlow St. in the West End and its relation to the most famous monument of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods of Samothrace. Hector Williams spent a summer excavating in the sanctuary some years ago and will show its importance in many ways--religious, artistic and architectural. In December he visited the modern home of the Winged Victory, the Louvre in Paris, where the statue is now undergoing much needed conservation.

Monday 28 April 2014  at 7:30pm
Οι Ρεμπέτισσες Τραγουδούν:
Songs of  Legendary Female Rembetika Singers of the Mid-Twentietn Century
Revma:  Evi Katavatis, vocals, baglama, percussion, Dan Dittrick, guitar, vocals, and George Yioldassis, bouzouki, oud  

Rembetika, the music of refugees from Asia Minor and of the disadvantaged on the fringes of Greek society, gave expression to the perennial themes of love, death, life, existential angst and betrayal.. Women singers - rembetisses – were free spirits who defied the conventions of the time. In the world of the lyrics and dialogues of Rembetika and in the late-night scenes of the tekes and tavernas, rembetisses lived lives very different from those of women in either the Ottoman-Muslim world or early 20th century Greece. They were, arguably, the first Greek feminists of the last century!  In this lecture-concert, Evi Katavatis and the band Revma will discuss the lives of and present some of the songs made famous by four renowned female rembetika singers: Marika Ninou, Sotiria Bellou, Roza Eskanazi and Sevas Hanoum.