5 Mar 2015

March + April 2015

Monday 30 March 2015
The Greeks in Calabria
Jennifer Knapp, Langara College

Nearly 3000 years ago, the poleis of Greece sent colonists to explore and settle southern Italy and Sicily. In the centuries following, these new cities grew rich and powerful, producing art and architecture rivaling that of mainland Greece. In Calabria, not only is there immense pride in their Greek origins, but a dialect preserving elements of Greek is still spoken in some villages. This talk will focus on the evidence for the ancient Greek cities of Calabria, especially during their period of growth and strength, and how they displayed and maintained their cultural identity. (Pictured are the Riace Warriors - two full-size Greek bronzes of naked bearded warriors, cast about 460–450 BC and found in the sea near Riace in Calabria  in 1972.) 

Monday 27 April 2015  at 7:30pm
Strings of the Balkans:  Lutes and Fiddles
Cathie Whitesides and Hank Bradley
Seattle musicians Cathie and Hank have spent much of the past forty years actively seeking and playing music from the fault zone between the cultural plates of Western Europe and Asia Minor.  Their lecture-performance will provide examples of various ways in which the musical collisions between Asian scales and Western harmonies have resolved into distinct local idioms which have survived cultural conflicts and language differences and have lasted for many generations.  They will explore similarities and differences between the string music of Greece, Romania and the former Yugoslavia with fiddles and an assortment of plucked and strummed instruments of the ‘lute’ family:  bouzouki, baglama, guitar, and tamburitsa.  Hank & Cathie have long performed in small groups devoted to social music within and for the cultures of these regions and we are happy to welcome them to Vancouver.