12 Mar 2016

March + May 2016

Monday 28 March, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Eudaimonia: The Greek
Philosophy of Happiness
Michael Griffin
UBC Classics, Near East and Religious Studies

Modern developments in positive psychology and related disciplines are indebted to the ancient Greek account of "happiness" and the well-lived life.  This talk will explore Greek philosophical ideas about happiness, and how they can still be relevant to our lives today.

Monday 2 May, 2016 at 7:30pm

Folklore of the Island of Chios
Sophia Karasouli-Milobar with Dimitrios Kontogiannis and the Zefyros Hellenic Dancers

This talk will trace the folklore-year of the island of Chios, a journey through the months and seasons with stops along the way to learn about local customs, traditions, legends and pastimes. Dimitrios Kontogiannis and the Zefyros Hellenic Dancers will perform representative dances from Chios and the region.

The Pharos programme for 2015/16 concludes with our traditional gala evening featuring music, folklore, and dance. Pharos member Sophia, the author of "Remembering Old Times: the folklore of the village of Vasileoniko [Chios]"; will introduce us to customs and traditions of this beautiful island, and share with us some of her collection of old photographs.  Dimitrios and his dancers are old friends, and it will be wonderful to have them back with us.

*Please note that this presentation will take place one week later than usual in order to avoid a conflict with Orthodox Easter Celebrations.