7 Mar 2017

March + April 2017

27 March 2017: Upper Hall, Hellenic Centre @ 7:30
Greek Bibles
Dr. Cillian O'Hogan, UBC

The fourth century saw the creation of pandects - large manuscripts containing all the books of the Old and New Testament - for the first time. Remarkably, two of these pandects survive almost intact: Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus, both written in Greek. These two manuscripts reveal a great deal about the formation of the Christian canon, book production in late antiquity, and the history of scripture. This talk will explore some of the most interesting features of these late antique Bibles, and address the controversial question of the circumstances of their creation.

24 April 2017: Upper Hall Hellenic Centre @ 7:30

Hades Kitchen: Cooking and Eating in 
Ancient Greece
Dr. Jennifer Knapp, 
Coordinator of Classical Studies, Langara College

Everybody eats.  Food is a necessity, but it is far more than simple nutrition.  It can reflect culture, be an expression of identity, and reveal aspects of economics, environments, religious beliefs, and social interactions.  This talk will explore how ancient Greeks cooked, what they ate, and discuss the role food played in their society.  We will discuss the evidence we use to reconstruct ancient food, and will be introduced to the flavours of 2000 years ago.  Join us after the talk for a sampling of ancient Greek food and drink.