12 Apr 2017

Commemorating the History of the Greek Community in Vancouver: The Kits House Stained Glass Window

Pharos is pleased to have been a contributor to the commemorative stained glass window in Kits House as described below:

The Kits House. We drive by it and walk by it . . . and some of us still remember it as our church, our Greek school, our Sunday school. Some of us still refer to it as “our old church.” Some of us were married in the church, others baptized. It served the Greek community from 1930-1972 and after that has been serving the Westside community.

When Kits house was updated, they forgot something.
To show the multicultural nature of the center and that all were welcome the community center added “welcome” to the steps. Each step has “Welcome” in a different language to represent all the cultures that the center touches …
but they forgot one.

The many Greek associations and businesses and St. George’s congregation stepped forward, and this was rectified. While the project has been referred to as “The Kits Stained Glass Project,” the project also encompassed the creation of 2 memory boards to show visitors how the Greek Community used the building. St. George’s Cathedral has also donated 2 pews from the original church to be returned back home. They will be placed in the basement hall with the 2 memory boards.

Upcoming Event. On April 19, St. George’s Church will be holding an evening service at our old church. A formal announcement will soon follow. Mark your calendars, tell your parents and let's all meet at the old church for a service like old times.